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CCP have 3 Permanent Trails in Gran Canaria

                           PW01 Las palmas - 12 km All ability
                           PW02 Maspalomas - 10 km
                           PW03 Patalavaca - 6 km All ability/10 km

Club de Caminata el Patalavaca

Club de Caminata el Patalavaca  (CCP) aims to run permanent trails organized through The International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV)

Club de Caminata el Patalavaca will first and foremost work:

- To promote the interest of a single, active, safe and environmentally responsible outdoor recreation through arranging trails. 

- Being
a health-promoting servicefor participantswith respect. to participateundertheir own termswith no requirements fortiming.

To facilitate the trail activities in the surrounding area, and promote social rallying for pleasure trail enthusiasts.

- The motto of CCP is Walk for other!!! , therefore, all the economic surplus of activities shall be given to charity in Gran Canaria.

IVV - International Federation of Popular Sports

IVV is an international organization that coordinates the cooperation between the various national walking federations. Arrangers of the PermanentTrails, thatis in countries where there is no national association,are direct members of the IVV.

IVV was founded in 1968 by representatives from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Permanent Trails is now widespread in many parts of Europe. From 1990 also in Eastern Europe, North America, South Africa and parts of Asia.

The following countries are as of February 2012 affiliated with IVV :
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark , Estonia , Finland, France, Greece , Iceland, Italy, China , Japan , Luxembourg /Switzerland , Liechtenstein , Netherlands, Norway , Poland, UK, Sweden , Korea , South Tyrol, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, USA , Hungary
, Austria.

Organisers who are direct members of the IVV are from the following countries:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, India, Ireland, Croatia , Cyprus , Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mongol , Namibia , New Caledonia , New Zealand , Paraguay , Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saipan , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa and Spain.

See IVV 's website for more information www.ivv-web.org


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04.07 | 19:02

Sind die Wege noch aktuell? Wo ist der Start?

14.12 | 03:32

Are you there for x-mas this year ???

20.12 | 12:53

hej er der nogen betjening af de permanente veje i Julen 2014

23.10 | 01:26

Sind die Wege auch nächstes Jahr 2015 im Januar geöffnet.

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